History: The study of past events considered as a whole

For Warriors and Writers

On my laptop and listening to Running Down a Dream by Tom Petty: Outside my window a blue-grey day pelts the glass with rain and anticipation. I launch this blog in the hope that I can bring some strength, insight, and spirit to these journal pages. I dedicate this space to my muses, angels, and loved ones.


The legendary warrior, Lancelot fought for his king and his love. A real warrior, St. Joan of Arc fought for her visions and country. Both had a purpose. What is my purpose? What do I fight for? What is your purpose? What do you fight for?

I’ll go first.

My purpose? I write, teach, counsel, and parent. I pray, celebrate, and love—kindly, passionately, and devoutly. I support causes—Puppies Behind Bars, Red Cross, and Disabled American Veterans. I serve the community. I support teachers, often blamed and seldom honored as guardians of the children. I remember my favorite teacher. She set me on a solid path.  I support my family and friends.  They are my clan—good or bad. We journey and struggle together. It is our destiny. Clarity will come in the next world.

I fight for respect and my principles in a world that often challenges self-love and love for others. I temper my words, but won’t sacrifice my beliefs in the face of cruelty, injustice, or social pressure. I know bouts of weakness, but I also know moments of strength. I’ve experienced cowardice and courage. I fight to live well.

Now it’s your turn.  Do you have a purpose or a battle?  Please feel free to share?  I will respond.


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9 Responses to History: The study of past events considered as a whole

  1. Duse Frank says:

    Dear Cinzia – As I have known you most of my life, and can attest to how fascinating you are, I am very excited to see you have launched a venue whereby you can reach a larger and more diverse crowd. I can’t think of a more interesting woman – one who can converse with poets and pragmatists, paupers and princes! buona fortuna!! ~ Duse


  2. Duse Frank says:

    Love the blog and looking forward to future posts!!! Dede Frank


  3. Kula says:

    Close to four years ago I became a military wife. I went from being a young lady trying to understand the world to a young woman going through the journey with her soul mate. 14 months ago I became a first time Mother. I felt I had a understanding of things, but after my son was born I realized how much bigger the world was and how important my role actually is. I am excited and scared for what the future will bring, but I am glad to do it with my husband and son. 🙂


  4. cinzia8 says:

    Thanks Kula.
    Your journey as a military wife cannot be easy, but as you say, along with your”soul mate” and your little boy you will build a future together and your own family history. One I hope is filled with many blessings.



  5. Nick Lee says:

    This is first time that I came in this blog of wonder. I’m looking forward to meeting you.


  6. cinzia8 says:

    Thank you for visiting my blog, Nick. I look forward to meeting you as well.


  7. Ines says:

    Hi Cinzia. I love this blog and I am looking forward to reading many more interesting stories. Thanks for sharing. Ines


  8. cinzia8 says:

    Grazie, Ines!

    I’m so happy you visited Historical Happenings & Oddities. I enjoy posting interesting aspects of history, and I hope you will visit often. Ciao, Maestra.


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