Ode to an Etruscan Urn

Listening to Loreena Mckennitt – The Book of Secrets

Another overcast day and it just rained.  If anyone is noticing a pattern with my preferred weather for writing, it’s because I do gravitate toward the residual peace that a good rain leaves in its wake.

Yesterday, the image of an Etruscan urn caught my eye and made me wonder what the urn had carried in its day.  Was it water or wine or perhaps at different times, both?  I asked myself, if a potter invested the time and effort to create a vessel painted with beautiful images would he or she want to use it to hold goat’s milk? I wonder.  Perhaps, it graced the shelf in the dwelling of a prominent Etruscan chief who merely viewed and admired it himself.

In your life, do you have a beautifully crafted object that holds meaning for you?  Like this urn, can you view it and bask in what you perceive as its excellence?  Are your hopes and dreams stored inside its confines with just a look?  Or, does it serve you in a practical way?  Maybe it’s an item that can simply transport your favorite wine to your lips or hold the jewelry that will grace your neck, wrist or fingers.

I think we deserve to own one object that we cherish, admire, or appreciate.  Mine is a Victorian era clock.  Its patina is a deep cherry.  Two black and ornately carved finials on the peak flank the glass door; inside, a round Roman numeral face holds a monogrammed pendulum.  I love to hunt for antiques, and I found this clock in a small shop, in a small town and at a reasonable price (from my point of view, of course). The minute I saw it, I knew it was meant for my home, and we are living very happily together.

What is your prized possession?


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2 Responses to Ode to an Etruscan Urn

  1. Your comments and question resonated with me. The possessions I cherish remain a constant throughtout the year, like the pen and ink sketches of Le Donne di Giacomo Puccini (the women of Puccini) by artist Riccardo Benvenuti. Benvenuti sketches the women made famous (or infamous) in Puccini’s operas, such as Madame Butterfly or Tosca. I found the book years ago and removed the pages and framed them. They are on the wall of my dining/living room; the perfect place to share my most important times – Eating with family, friends, or just by myself! They are beautiful! I may go days without noticing them and then a day comes along and they catch my eye and I am reminded of how much they mean to me. We all need beauty around us – as to what we consider beauty – well this is unique to each of us. Duse


  2. cinzia8 says:

    So, true Duse. It’s not only the beauty that a prized possession might hold but also the significance it has in our lives as well. Cinzia


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