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Attila the Hun: The Scourge of God and the Sword of Mars (God)

Tuned in: Rolling Stones, Street Fighting Man Most authors are fascinated by their characters, regardless whether they’re good, bad or a bit of both. We live, sleep, eat and dream with them always lurking somewhere about. Attila the Hun is … Continue reading

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Halloween Symbols and Jack-O-Lantern

Tuned in:  Rolling Stones, Sympathy for the Devil Halloween traditions have their early origins rooted in pagan customs from Celtic-speaking countries and Celtic Christianity.  It is believed that the Celtic festival of Samhain, pronounced Sahwin, and Old Irish for ‘summer’s … Continue reading

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The Countess Dracula: Stranger than Fiction

Tuned in:  Annie Lennox, Cold January always brings a chill to my bones, and when I am cold, I think cold thoughts.  So the story of the ‘Countess Dracula’ surfaced in my recollections.  Transylvania, a country embroiled in age-old superstitions … Continue reading

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