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The Origin of Valentine’s Day

My Valentine song: I Choose You, Sara Bareilles. For all the Valentine couples in the world. “Let love rule the day.” ORIGINS There are several legends about the origin of Valentine’s Day that go back to ancient Rome. The first … Continue reading

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A Viking Hero—The Helmet of Dread

Tuned in: Enigma, In the Shadow in the Light Although my primary historical interests favor the Romans and barbarian tribes, the Vikings, also known to history as ‘Berserkers’, fascinate me as well.  In the book, Norse Gods and Heroes by … Continue reading

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Dante’s Paolo and Francesca: Love’s Passionate Storm

Tuned in: Steve Winwood, Higher Love Our fascination with romantic enchantment was born from Celtic myth, poetry, courtly love, and secrets sprung from ancient lore.  We are familiar with images of valiant knights embarked on missions of honor, beautiful women, … Continue reading

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