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Freya—Goddess of Love

Tuned in: Marc Cohn, Walk through the world with me. May is the month of rebirth, love and fertility and a perfect time to introduce my readers to a goddess. In the last few months, I’ve showcased the Continental Germanic … Continue reading

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Let Nature Rule: Beauty is You

Tuned in: Lady Gaga, Born This Way November and December are holiday months in America and other countries when an emphasis is often placed on food.  Many delectable and savory dishes are prepared to celebrate a day of thanksgiving and … Continue reading

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Underwear: The Hidden History

Tuned in: Madonna, Vogue In a recent conversation with friends, the topic of ancient underwear drew some attention.  Most of us thought that the ancients up until the Victorian era (1837-1901) wore some kind of underwear, whether it was a … Continue reading

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